Membership Benefits

The Richland County Safety Council is a local independent organization dedicated to increasing learning and promoting safety awareness in the workplace and community. 

Educational meetings are held monthly.  Topics are geared to provide information and tools to take back for use in the member's home and/or workplace.  Emphasis is placed on:

  • Networking/Sharing
  • New safety techniques
  • Products 
  • Government legislation and/or services
  • BWC updates and supporting information
  • BWC Representation are available to answer questions on current programming and OSHA standards

In conjunction with the BWC Division of Safety & Hygiene, the RCSC presents safety awards to qualifying members at the annual awards banquet.  Council members with the highest safety records are recognized for outstanding efforts.  In addition, by joining the RCSC and meeting BWC eligibility requirements, your company/organization could be eligible for BWC discounts and/or rebates. 

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